Política de protección de datos personales

Website operator

The operator of this site www.caminodesantiago.sk is civic organisation Priatelia Svätojakubskej cesty na Slovensku – Camino de Santiago, Reg. No.: 42360081, based on Juraja Holčeka 121, 900 86 Budmerice, Slovensko.

You can contact the operator at any time via my contact form .

Our approach to your privacy

We take privacy very seriously because we’re glad of someone else handles our own data responsibly. It is important to us that your personal data is safe. All personal data that we obtain during your visit to www.caminodesantiago.sk (hereinafter referred to as “our site”) is processed in accordance with EU REGULATION 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE EUROPEAN COUNCIL as of 27 April 2016 about the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, repealing Directive 95 / 46 / EC (general data protection regulation, with the already well-known abbreviation also to the general public – GDPR ) and in accordance with Act no. 18/2018 Coll. on the protection of personal data and on the amendment of certain laws as amended and effective from 25.05.2018.

What does this mean in a nutshell for you and your personal data?

Your personal information is any information that we can use to directly or indirectly identify you. Some are more obvious, such as your first name, last name, but others are less clear, such as location information or your online identifier (such as your IP address).

So what data do we keep?

During your visit to my site, we record the IP address assigned to you by your ISP, which site you arrived from (commonly referred to as a “referrer”), how much time you spent on my site, which specific subpages you viewed, and so on.

We consider this information to be your personal data, as it represents your activity on my site and therefore I only handle it in accordance with the above laws.

We use this information to send you a reply to your email which you can submit via our contact form, or to contact you for another purpose. We will never share any of this information with other people or businesses unless you give me your prior consent.

Cookies 🍪

Like other sites on the web, we use “cookies” to operate my site.

Cookies are text files that your internet browser saves on your disk in your computer. Thanks to them, we can better understand your behavior on my site, for example, we can see if you have been on my site before and thus show you articles that may be more interesting for you.

We inform you as soon as you arrive at my site by a small notice at the bottom of the page that we use cookies (🍪), where we also ask you for your consent to their use.

If you do not want to store cookies on your computer, you can deactivate them in your internet browser. However, our site may not work properly, for example, it may repeatedly ask you if you (do not) want to store cookies on your computer. Cookies are great and without them, the website won’t work quite as well as it normally would.

What is personal data processing?

Now a bit of legal concepts, because they supposedly have to be here. The legal concept of personal data processing is to be understood as a processing operation or set of processing operations with personal data or personal data files, in particular their acquisition, recording, organization, structuring, storage, modification, search, browsing, use, transmission, dissemination or otherwise, rearrangement or combination, restriction, deletion, whether by automated means or by non-automated means. Simply put, it is about collecting personal data, storing it on media and handling it.

What for are we using this information about you (purposes)?

We use the information I obtain about you according to its type and the context in which you provided it to me.

  • Name and surname
  • Your Email
  • Name of your organisation
  • Your address
  • Phone numbers
  • Organisation registration numbers and tax numbers

Data retention period

We store personal data for the stated purposes for a period of 10 years, unless special legal regulations (tax, labor law, archiving, accounting regulations) specify otherwise or until you revoke your consent (provided that we are not bound by a special regulation to further archive your data). In the period from the time of granting the consent to its revocation, the processing of your personal data is legal, even if you have revoked your consent after its granting.


We use your personal information to inform you about our projects, services, products or simply to reply to an email which you sent us. Your participation is, of course, voluntary. If you do not agree to receive this information, you can notify us at any time to block or delete your data.

How is your data on our site protected?

It is important to us that your personal data is safe. We have implemented various security systems to protect your data.

As technology improves, we also improve these security systems, use virus scanning and keep the core of my site up to date. We also continuously keep all its modules (plugins) up to date. Additionally, your communication with my website is secured with a SSL certificate via https:// protocol (yes, we have a member who are a bit of a computer nerd).

In practice, this means that no one but us and you can see what part of the site you visited, nor can they see what information you entered on our site, as all communication between your computer and our site is encrypted.

However, it cannot be completely ruled out that our site will be subject of a hacking or similar attack. If this happens by accident and there is even a possible threat of data leakage, we will inform you within 72 hours about the measures taken and at the same time we will communicate with the supervisory authority in the field of personal data protection in the Slovak Republic – the Office for Personal Data Protection, so that we can work out the next step together.

Your rights

As the person concerned (the person whose personal data is being processed), you have the right to be informed about the data and how it’s used. You can find them in the section above.

You have a right to access the data we process about you. If you want to know what specific data we hold about you, we will be happy to provide them to you in writing upon request.

You have a right to correct the data provided, including supplementing them in the event of any inaccuracies/incompleteness.

After reaching the purpose of providing personal data, you have a “right to forget” (the right to delete the provided data). The right to delete the provided personal data will apply even if you revoke your consent with the processing of your personal data.

In cases where we process your personal data with your consent, you have the right to revoke that consent at any time. Revoking your consent is as simple as granting it: simply send me a message via our contact form.

If the processing of personal data is based on my legitimate interest, you have the right to object to my legitimate interest. If we process your dispute as well-founded, we will delete your data from my systems.

We will also delete them if it is proven that the data has been processed illegally. However, the right to have your personal information erased is not absolute. If we need your information to fulfill our legal obligations under tax laws, accounting laws, and other special laws; we will have to further process them for the purpose of fulfilling our legal obligations.

At your request, we will be happy to notify you of the change, correction, resp. deletion of your personal data.

At the same time, you have the right to request the transfer of personal data to another operator, whose information you will provide me with in writing. It is technically feasible to transfer the e-mail address and your name, other data due to the difference in their purposes and the way they are stored (for example, all logs on the servers) cannot be provided due to technical limitations.

All your requests executing your above rights, objections to the legitimate interest of the operator or consent to the processing of personal data, will be processed within 7 days of delivery; in the case of a complicated application, no later than 1 month after receipt of the application.

At the same time, we declare that personal data is not transferred to third countries and that your data is stored on servers located in the EU. In the event of a transfer to third countries, this is due to the technical operations of my intermediaries (such as Google Analytics), who are major players in the market and I have service agreements signed with them, which also include safe handling of your personal imformation.

The supervisory body over the processing of personal data on our site is the Office for Personal Data Protection of the Slovak Republic. If we do not respond to your request within 1 month of its delivery, you have the right to contact the Office for Personal Data Protection under Art. § 100 of Act no. 18/2018 Coll. as amended and effective (personal data protection procedure).

Providers (recipients of data) – or who still has access to your data?

Our site operates on the basis of cooperation agreements afreed with other providers. We use them, for example, to deliver services or features that would otherwise be very difficult to replicate on our site.

Other intermediaries with whom your data is shared are large players on the market, and we have signed data protection agreements with them. You can find all these contracts below in their version of the GDPR rules of my intermediaries via hyperlinks:

Google Ads (advertisment from Google): https://privacy.google.com/businesses/processorterms/

Google Analytics (tracking webite visits): https://www.google.com/analytics/terms/dpa/dataprocessingamendment_20160909.html

Google Search Console (Search analytics from Google): https://privacy.google.com/businesses/compliance/

AdWords (advertisement provided by Google): https://privacy.google.com/businesses/compliance/

Mailchimp (e-mail marketing): https://mailchimp.com/gdpr/

Akismet (Spam protection and protection against fraudulent accounts and spam comments): https://akismet.com/gdpr/https://automattic.com/privacy/

Akismet Spam Filterhttps://automattic.com/privacy-notice/

Websupport (webhosting and email provider): https://www.websupport.sk/ochrana-osobnych-udajov

Third Party Links

Sometimes we link to third-party services or their websites on our site. The websites of these third parties have their own privacy policies and these are independent of ours. Therefore, we accept no legal responsibility for the content and activities of these third parties.

Nevertheless, it is our effort to maintain a high level of security. Therefore, if you have any suspicions of unfair behavior by these third parties, contact us via our contact form and we will answer your question as soon as possible. Thank you very much!

We do not share your information with third parties

We don’t sell, trade, or otherwise provide your personal information to third parties. We don’t think it’s fair, and your personal information is the most sensitive thing you can give us.

The exceptions are the intermediaries above who help us add functionality to the site (for example, Akismet will receive your email address to check whether it was ever used in spam attacks).

These partners are bound by discretion, the intermediary agreement we have signed with them, they have committed to secrecy, and thus have agreed to keep your data safe and to consider it confidential. The transfer of your personal data to state organizations is only possible on the basis of law or valid official or judicial decisions in accordance with the legislation of the Slovak Republic.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

If we decide to change the terms of personal data protection, we will publish them on this page. This version of the terms and conditions is effective from June 7, 2020.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us via our contact form.