Section: Banská Bystrica – Hronský Beňadik


Section description

The route through Central Slovakia begins at Donovaly and heads south through Špania dolina, a charming living skansen, to Banská Bystrica, the region’s major city. It then heads through Zvolen, the magnificent Banská Štiavnica, and Nová Baňa.
From Veľký Inovec peak you can go on westwards towards Nitra, but we highly recommend taking the detour southwards to the ancient Benedictine abbey of Hronský Beňadik, where you can stay overnight. If you have completed at least 100 km, here you can get the Slovak Camino’s first Compostela.

This whole section offers plenty of unique religious, cultural and natural must-sees. Six full days will allow you to enjoy the numerous world-class sites you will be passing by down the road.

Stages in section

Leaving Banská Bystrica you will need to climb mount Urpín first. Today you will be walking along the blue forest trail, which will take you through the village of Sampor with its monastery, and around Sliač to downtown Zvolen.
From Zvolen the route leads through Pustý Castle along the blue sign up to Veľký vrch. From here follow the green mark through Bacúrov and Dubové up to Banský Studenec. This stage is rather long and demanding. Consider dividing it into one and a half or two days.
Today you will be following the red sign all day. The route passes through one of Slovakia’s most beautiful and historical towns: Banská Štiavnica. We highly recommend staying here one whole day and discover its hidden treasures. The following day you can continue to Evičkino jazero and Krížna saddle up to Vysoká.
Stick to the red hiking path. It will take you through stunning forest scenery to Lachtriská saddle, then to the village of Rudno nad Hronom and then to Nová Baňa.
If you want to stay overnight in Hronský Beňadik, which you should, follow the red sign up to Veľký Inovec saddle and Veľký Inovec mountain refuge. From the refuge, follow the yellow sign downhill through the forest to Tekovské Nemce and Hronský Beňadik.