Smartphone navigation

On this website you can download the gpx files of the entire route or its different sections to your smartphone. We recommend the following navigation applications.

Apps with navigation features for Android phones can be downloaded at:

Recommended apps for navigation

It is free of charge, highly user friendly and uses detailed tourist maps with contour lines, hiking trails and bike paths. The maps can be zoomed up to street and even house level with their respective numbers. It also includes all Slovak and most European Ways of St. James.

Another advantage is that it works offline, which means that all you need to do is download the relevant map (also for free) to your application before you set off. After that you will no longer need an internet connection.

Once you register as a user on the server, all the routes you walk are saved and synchronised with your mobile phone and can be viewed offline.

Interface of the app can also be changed to English.

Google Maps

These maps are more suitable for navigating along roads and city streets rather than in the countryside. The main advantage of the application is the routing tool as well as plenty of Points Of Interest (POI), making it easier to look for hotels, shops, etc. It is usually pre-installed on Android phones.

Locus map

This is a highly specialised outdoor navigation tool. There is a basic version (for free) and a Pro version (paid). It is not limited to just one type of maps but allows downloading an inex-haustible amount of free and paid maps. Suitable for more demanding users.

Hiking - Turistická mapa SK

This application is specific for the regions and conditions of Slovakia.

How to navigate pilgrim routes outside Slovakia

Camino Pilgrim-Frances

One of the best applications for the Camino Francés is Camino pilgrim-Frances.

Camino Portugues

For the Camino in Portugal, from Porto to Santiago, the Camino Portugués application is a good choice, both in its Basic (free) and Premium version (paid, ca. €3)

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