Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Got a question? Check this list of frequently asked questions about the Way of Saint James in Slovakia. Click on the question to see the answer. If you do not find your question in it, just drop us a line on our contact form. We will be happy to help!

Where can I buy the Slovak credential, scallop and a map?
You can order your Slovak credential, scallop and the guidebooks to the different sections of the Slovak Camino, as well as maps of routes in Spain, Cash-On-Delivery, using this form. You can also buy them at these points of sale.
Where can I get a stamp to my credential?
You can find most stamps at churches and lodgings. You will find the list of stamps next to every stage description.
Are there any discounts for pilgrims or pilgrim menus?
So far, discounts are up to the owner of every facility, as awareness of the Way of Saint James in Slovakia is only taking shape. You might want to take the opportunity to talk to the owners to raise awareness of the Camino and help to inspire them to provide discounts or extra services for pilgrims.
Do I need to book accommodation in advance?
We recommend booking accommodation at least 1-2 days in advance. Many of the places the Way of Saint James goes through offer just limited accommodation options.
How much money do I need for a 10-day pilgrimage?
Slovakia has no network of public albergues, so you will need to stay at regular guesthouses or rooms for rent with local families. A night per person will cost between 10 and 15 euros. Fortunately, meals are much cheaper than in Spain. Expect to pay between 10 and 15 euros for three warm meals a day. The budget for a 10-day pilgrimage can be around 250 euros.
Can I do it? Do I need some training before setting off?
It all depends on how long you are planning to go. In general any person in regular shape can manage 100 km – 120 km without any special training. However, experience matters. Don’t leave home without training in your shoe of choice, logging at least 5 longer hikes in them.
What kind of shoes should I take?
You must never go on a pilgrimage in brand-new shoes. The Camino is a non-technical trail, so we would suggest going with trail running shoes as opposed to heavy boots. Seasons matter. I will be warm in the summer and cold in the winter. And there will be rain all year round. You should always have a pair of sandals with you as well. And be prepared for the blisters. They are just part of the journey. Do not forget to pack some band aids.
Is it possible to go on the Way of Saint James in Slovakia by bicycle?
The hitherto marked route is intended for pilgrims on foot. However, some sections are also appropriate for cyclists. Perhaps the best sections for bikes are Poprad – Liptovská Osada and Nitra – Bratislava. We are also working on a Camino version for cyclists but it is not ready yet.
Can children and elderly people cope with the Way of Saint James in Slovakia?
The route has been conceived to fit the needs and capabilities of the widest possible range of pilgrims. Some stages, however, are longer or have substantial elevation gain. Children over 10 – 12 who are used to walking 15 km – 20 km (9-13 miles) will probably manage without any major problems. The same applies to seniors over 70 provided they are healthy and in good condition, of course.